In spring, tiger’s tail orchid should be “raised in different POTS”. One pot becomes more POTS, and the leaves are more thick and green

Many different kinds of mother-in-law, it is a very hardy, green potted, suitable for friends at ordinary times is busy or lazy to raise, generally we have in the house is phnom penh sansevieria, its leaves, like a tiger tail has a pattern of green, there's a golden leaf edge, look more beautiful, and other narrow leaf sansevieria, some leaves are long, There are also short-leaved tiger's tail plants, which are easy to raise and need to be lazy.

We can according to your own love, and on the balcony space, for the space of indoor flowers, to raise, to select different kinds of tiger orchid sansevieria purify air, good robustness, no matter which one is easy to feed, can raise to open a punch in a bunch of flowers, pale green small flower also pretty and pure and fresh, you can also put a small basin sansevieria, From a few leaves to dozens of leaves, more young, the leaves almost burst the pot, the root system is more and more developed, so what should be paid attention to when raising tiger's tail plant? How to raise tiger's tail plants in spring?

1.If the tiger's tail plant has been in a few months, there is no trace of growth, no change, the leaves have been a few pieces, it looks not energetic enough, and then observe the pot, found that the pot soil is not good, very stiff or no nutrients, or the tiger's tail plant has been long to overflow the pot.

Several problems with the above situation, we can give it a double basin, in a basin of soil, for mother-in-law has crashed basin, suits in the spring in the basin, give it points of maintenance, so that a basin can be turned into a few to keep, a bowl can keep the appearance of three or four strains, can also make it have enough space, enough nutrients, would behave better.

2. When giving tiger orchid basin, divide the plant, pay attention to keep enough root system, do not let the root system damage, the new basin soil must be loose and porous, not easy to harden, you can use leaf rot soil to add a certain river sand and garden soil, or add perlite, in addition to add a small amount of bottom fertilizer.

The key to a good mother-in-law has two, the first is not cold, the second is water problems, be sure to mind your own hand, good control of water, less than 10 degrees, reducing water, ten days half a month without water, even in a indoor warmer place, don't throw cold water on, do not put in the gate window has a cold.

More do not put it outdoors, it likes warm fear of cold, cold can not be, under the condition of low temperature, a month without watering, because it is itself very drought tolerant, leaves inside the storage of rich water, diligent people may not raise it, the more lazy raise more can grow better.

Potted fertilizer to the tiger orchid, also do not need to be too diligent, the biggest spring autumn to the general type of fertilizer, a few grains of compound fertilizer, a few grains of cooked soybeans. On the light aspect, in short, when the sun does not insolate, it is more resistant to shade, can be kept indoors, but it is better to have astigmatism irradiation, so that the color of the leaf will be kept more perfect, not in vain.

It is also really very solid, there will be no diseases and insect pests, do not grow insects, not like Chinese rose as often to control diseases and insect pests. If it is placed on the terrace, pay attention not to be caught in the rain for too long, in fact, lost in a corner with astigmatism, it can still grow, still long side buds, long leaves, do not care about it can also be very spiritual.

The more lazy tiger orchid is, the more vigorous it will grow and grow secretly. One day, it is suddenly found that in its flowerpot, there are many small side buds, or long buds, especially surprising.

Post time: Jun-03-2019