Schefflera microphylla Merr in pot

Short Description:

Size: 40-180CM
Pot: according to customer’s demand
Base field: 100,000㎡

How to select good quality Schefflera? Key points are as below:
1 good field is a must and good way to make the strong tree from the field.
2 strong&thick stem with a big branch.
3 excellent knowledge on the cultivation Schefflera in the field
4 well know the whole possesses after the Schefflera dug out from the field.
5 experienced workers are good at electing and cutting them in a nice shape.
6 make the plants with good root to guarantee the good container arrival situation.
7 we have at least 4 times quality checks before Schefflera packed into the tower.

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It is a beautiful ornamental tree with a round crown and rows like umbrellas. It has huge and peculiar leaves. Large trees can be used for shade trees and street trees, and young plants can also be potted for viewing. They can be placed in the hall and on both sides of the gate to show the tropical style.

After around 10years of experience in Schefflera cultivation in the field and potting in the greenhouse, we accept any size of potted Schefflera in bulk orders. With 150,000㎡ greenhouse and facilities & 110,000㎡ fields as well as experienced 100+employees, we have all the resources to make different sizes of Schefflera with premium quality and big amount.

When you buy Schefflera from us, you will get the following benefits from us:

A/ Enough stock for the whole year’s supply.
B/ Big amount in certain size or pot for whole year order.
C/ Customized is available.
D/ Quality, shape Uniformity, and Stability in the whole year.
E/ Good root and nice leaf after arrival container opened at your side.

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