Foliage live plants Dracaena Draco

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Pot size: according to the customer’s demand
Dracaena Draco is an arbor, with a short and thick trunk, woody stem, pith, and secondary cambium, light brown and rough surface, and can draw out many short and strong branches. The sap is crimson. The blue-green leaves of Dracaena Draco gather at the top of branches. Each leaf is 60 cm long and 5 cm wide, sword-shaped

How can we supply nice quality sansevieria for you?
1/  more than 19 years of experience in plant cultivation in the field and potting in the greenhouse.
2/  150,000㎡ greenhouse and facilities.
3/  200,000 ㎡filed base.
4/  experienced 100+employees.
Based on the above, we accept any size & variety of sansevieria and have all the resources to make them with premium quality and big amount.
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In daily life, the potted Dracaena Draco can be placed in an environment with sufficient light and exposed to natural light to make the leaves more green. In addition, the windows should be opened every morning for ventilation to ensure the circulation of air and avoid the breeding of bacteria. During the growth of dragon blood tree in pot, it is also necessary to apply rotten organic fertilizer every 1 month to supplement nutrition. When the weather is too hot, it is also necessary to often spray water around it to moisturize

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When you buy Dracaena Draco from us, you will get the following benefits?
A/  enough stock for the whole year’s supply.
B/  big amount in certain size or pot for whole year order.
C/ customized is available
D/  quality, shape Uniformity, and Stability in the whole year.
E/  good root and nice leaf after arrival container opened at your side.

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