Natural plant agave the best indoor bonsai

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Agave is a large perennial evergreen herb of Lycoris family . The leaves are arranged in a rosette, large, fleshy, inverted lanceolate linear.

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Agave likes sunny, slightly cold resistant and not shade resistant. It likes cool and dry environment. It grows at an appropriate temperature of 15-25 ℃. It grows best at night temperature of 10-16 ℃. It can be cultivated in the open field at a temperature above 5 ℃. The leaves of adult agave are only slightly damaged by freezing at a low temperature of minus 5 ℃, the aboveground parts are frozen and rotten at minus 13 ℃, and the underground stems do not die. It can sprout and develop leaves the next year and grow normally, Cool, cold and dry in winter is the most favorable for its growth, with strong drought tolerance and lax requirements for soil. It is appropriate to use loose, fertile and well drained moist sandy soil.

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