Opuntia Mill in pot foliage live plants

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Size: 25-60CM
Pot: according to customer’s demand

How to select good quality opuntia? Key points are as below:
1 Strong mother plants in the field & 2 ears.
2 The plants must be thick and wide.
3 Know opuntia’s character very well.
4 Good root.

If you want to know more about how to purchase good quality opuntia without arrival quality problems, we are here waiting for you to share more experience with you.

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Opuntia littoralis, a desert succulent

Latin scientific name: Opuntia mill.) Dicotyledonous Cactaceae succulent shrubs or small trees, succulent plants; Roots fibrous or sometimes fleshy; The stem is composed of flat, cylindrical or spherical nodes, the thorns are solitary or clustered, and the leaves are usually small, cylindrical and caducous; Peanut in the upper part of stem node; Green or camel, corolla green, yellow or red; Stamens shorter than petals; The fruit is a berry and is often edible.

Maintenance knowledge

The suitable temperature for the growth of Chinese palm is 20-30 ℃, and it likes light. Watering should be less than enough. Do not accumulate water in the basin. Just keep it half wet. June to August is the season when cactus grows vigorously. To promote rapid growth, watering is usually done once a day. Keep the soil moist and do not water during dormancy. Do not water the stems where there are hairs and branches on the stems.It’s very welcomed because of no thorn and easy care.

Vanli Plant Opuntia advantagement

19 years of experience in plant industry.
150,000㎡ greenhouse and facilities.
Experienced 100+employees.
50,000㎡ opuntia fields.
We have all ready and wait to make different sizes of opuntia with premium quality and big amounts.

When you buy the plants from us, you will get the following benefits from us:

A/ Enough stock for the whole year’s supply.
B/ Big amount in certain size or pot for whole year order.
C/ Customized is available.
D/ Quality, shape Uniformity, and Stability in the whole year.
E/ Good root and nice leaf after arrival container opened at your side.

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