Ficus macrocarpa bonsai tree

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Another name: Landscape Decoration Large Ficus Tree /Ficus Microcarpa Root Shape Big Bonsai Trees For Outdoor/Foliage Plants Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai

Size: 80-400CM

Shap: Ficus forest shape/root shape / Taiwan bonsai shape / different modeling are available

How to shape big ficus bonsai ?— pls. see below in the product description.

How can we supply a nice big ficus bonsai tree?
1 more than 19 years experience in plant cultivation in the field and pot in the greenhouse,
2 150,000㎡ greenhouse and facilities
3 experienced 100+employees,
Based on the above, we accept any size & different shape ficus bonsai tree and have all the resources to them with premium quality and big amount.

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How to shape big banyan bonsai?

A -Picking the heart and topping can remove the buds at the top of the main branch and control the growth height of banyan;

B Pruning leaves can trim the old leaves at the bottom and the branches and leaves that grow too dense, so as to promote the branches to sprout new leaves again;

3 To trim branches, it is necessary to trim the branches that grow too disorderly on the banyan bonsai to reduce unnecessary nutrient consumption

4When changing pots and pruning roots, the rotten and withered roots of the roots shall be trimmed at the same time.

When you buy sansevieria from us, you will get the following benefits from us :

A/ enough stock for the whole year’s supply.

B/ big amount in certain size or pot for whole year order.

C/ customized is available

D/ quality, shape Uniformity, and Stability in the whole year.

E/ good root and nice leaf after arrival container opened at your side.

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