S Shaped Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai

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Another name: Grafted S-Shaped Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai/ S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai Microcarpa Bonsai Tree/ Living Plant S Shape Bonsai Ficus

Ficus Microcarpa (banyan) is a common ornamental plant. Its branches, leaves, and roots are of great ornamental value, especially its roots, which can create a variety of shapes.  S shape is one of the most famous shapes that people like.

About pruning time and method of S shape, pls. see below in the product description.

How can we make a nice S shape?
1 more than 19 years experience in plant cultivation in the field and pot in the greenhouse,
2 150,000㎡ greenhouse and facilities
3 experienced 100+employees,

Based on the above, we accept any size of S shape in bulk orders and have all the resources to make different sizes of S shape with premium quality and big amount.

S shape– pruning time and method
1 For pruning time, banyan trees can be pruned in May every year, and the wound can resume growth as soon as possible after pruning
2 When picking the heart and buds, the young shoots with strong growth need to be trimmed to promote the growth of lateral branches, and the adventitious buds should be removed in time
3 Pruning branches can cut short the branches with dense growth and prune the branches that affect the beauty of growth.
4 When changing pots to prune roots, it is necessary to trim the roots that grow too densely in time, and change pots to replant.

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How to plant S shape Grafted Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai?

1. Basin soil conditions

S shape is suitable to grow in loose and breathable soil. When maintaining small leaf banyan, it is also necessary to change the basin every 3 ~ 4 years to avoid hardening of the soil.

2. Water and fertilizer management

During daily maintenance of banyan, the watering amount shall be strictly controlled. It is necessary to wait until the soil is dry and white before watering and moisturizing properly. Excessive watering will lead to rot at the root of banyan. In addition, during the growth of small leaf banyan, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied every half a month to supplement nutrition. When applying fertilizer, the fertilizer can be directly poured into the flower pot without splashing on the leaves.

3. Sufficient light

S shape has a great demand for light during its growth. In spring and autumn, Ficus can be placed in a bright environment for maintenance and given all-weather natural light. In midsummer, a shading net needs to be built above the Ficus in summer to weaken the light intensity. In winter, the light is relatively soft, so it can be placed in two bright indoor places for maintenance.

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