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Size: 3-30CM
Stephania is the herbaceous deciduous vine, glabrous, with huge flat spherical root tubers, dark grayish brown, fleshy shoot tips, purplish-red and white frost. Leaves oblate, sparse, nearly round.

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Stephania has strong habits and extensive management. It likes a warm and humid environment and sufficient and soft sunshine. It is resistant to Yin, drought, and waterlogging, but it is afraid of exposure to the hot sun. Potted plants can be maintained in bright light without direct sunlight during the growth period. If the light is too strong, the plants will be thin and the leaves will be small and yellow. When the vine stems grow to a certain length, iron wires can be used to set up supports for climbing. Keep the basin soil moist at ordinary times. Watering too much occasionally will not affect plant growth, but avoid long-term ponding of the basin soil, otherwise, it will cause root rot.

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